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Cashwiki is a project to provide information about cash related topics. Our focus is on cross border issues, first of all within the EU. We're a multilingual project, currently mainly information in English and Dutch, soon also in German and Spanish. For starts we have the wiki, which is staying right where it is. Then I moved an existing website in Dutch about emigration to other countries onto this.

Next I will start writing some articles in English. The first one is Making Money Online, from my own perspective.

Meanwhile I also need to figure out how Drupal works well with various languages. I have worked on this stuff before, but it remains tricky.

Cashwiki is also a wiki

Cashwiki started in 2008. Until 2015 it was just a wiki, which is accessible at As of 2015 we're first going to try to build some quality articles while slowly getting more attention to the wiki part of the site.